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Purple Ade E-Liquid by Mad Hatter Juice


Punch it up with Purple Ade! Boom we’ve brought the grapes to the party. Get ready for mighty clouds in a puff of purple magic. Purple Ade is sweet and breezy like summer. Delivered in our sweet bottle we call a unicorn design it’s easy for travel and on the go.  Pack a little Cali in your life with our Purple Ade.  70/30

Blue Ade E-Liquid by Mad Hatter Juice


Get the coolest flavor in town dude! Our Blue Ade E-Juice is hip and delivers the dopest clouds. The flavor is light and crisp packed with super max VG levels. You’ll be smoking the competition with our portable and easy to use bottle.  70/30

Red Ade E-Liquid by Mad Hatter Juice


Rock the flavors with our Red Ade. This little baddie is packed to the max with it’s VG levels and fruity goodness. Take a trip on the tropical side with our fruity flavor combination and fluffy clouds. Red Ade packs a tropical fruity punch in it’s sweet unicorn bottle design. It’s easy for on the go, with fluffy clouds on demand. 70/30

Mad Hatter I Love Donuts Too 60ml


I Love Donuts Too reimagines the iconic I Love Donuts Flavor by Mad Hatter to a fuller flavor profile! Doughier doughnuts and sweeter blueberries can be found in the iconic vape juice. See what's got everybody saying "I Love Donuts!"   Primary Flavors: Donuts, Blueberry PG/VG: 30/70

Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Too 60ml


If you loved cookies, you will love this reformulated version. I Love Cookies Too packs a whallop of even more flavor and takes the best of the original and amps it up several times over to make you fall in love with those cookies again.   Primary Flavors: Cookies, Milk, Strawberry, Caramel

Mad Hatter I Love Popcorn 60ml


When you smell this e liquid you'll know exactly what you are in for. When you taste this e liquid your brain might involuntarily lead your hand to turn into the popcorn claw we all use to scoop up popcorn bits while watching a movie. It's that good and that close to the real thing, even your brain will be fooled. You'll really be able to say "I Love...



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