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DVTCH Chloe 50ml

From £14.99

Chloe, a university graduate who is a perfect mix of kinkiness and elegance, wrapped in a beautiful package with skills to match! Chloe possesses an enthusiastic love of life, a passion for adventure and a taste for luxury, balanced by a budding sense of maturity. Confidence is her strong suit. Cantaloupe With Blueberries and a drizzle of Honey. Age: 28 Nationality: DVTCH Eyes: Green Hair: Long light Blonde Cup...

DVTCH Megan 50ml

From £14.99

Megan is the girl you’ve been looking for, for a long time. DVTCH nationality and personality, but Asian by origin. The best of both worlds. Her Asian roots gave her her natural sex appeal, her dark eyes and her perfect body but it is her DVTCH nationality that gives her a fun, elegant and easy-going personality. What a combination! Mangosteen Chiller. Age: 23 Nationality: DVTCH / Asian Eyes: Brown...

DVTCH Scarlett 50ml

From £14.99

A high-class escort such as Scarlett is a true rarity, possessing a natural classic beauty and a level of sophistication that is hard to find. Scarlett will not only seduce your taste-buds but also your mind.  A cool, refreshing peach lemonade. Age: 22 Nationality: DVTCH Eyes: Blue Hair: Long dark Blonde Cup Size: 70DD enhanced

DVTCH Drop 50ml

From £14.99

Somewhat hard on the outside and soft on the inside, with a light salty taste. Made of the juice of liquorice root, chamomile, sage and gentian. DROP, the traditional dutch candy. 85% VG / 15% PG

DVTCH Red Light District 50ml

From £14.99

“The Red Light District vibe” converted into an awesome e-juice. A mix of red fruits (Raspberry, Red currant, blackberry, strawberry) blended with whipped cream and a hint of honey.

DVTCH Space Cake 50ml

From £17.99

Amsterdam offers many pleasures for the senses, among them the best weed on the planet. We made it happen, the first of its kinds, a freshly baked Space Cake with the best weed flavor you can image. A true ADV for all weed lovers. PLEASE NOTE: Space Cake doesn't contain any THC or CBD, the weed flavor is extracted from terpines. Its 100% organic, foodgrade quality and thus stimulating...

DVTCH Tom Pouce 50ml

From £14.99

Flaky light pastry covered with a thick layer of vanilla custard finished with sticky pink icing. Typical Dutch pastry. 85% VG / 15% PG

DVTCH Van Gogh 50ml

From £14.99

This was like a real experiment. Imagining being one the most famous people from DUTCH history; Vincent van Gogh. If he would have lived today we like to think he would "paint" his own e-juice like this. Hazelnut pistachio RY4 with raw chocolate, a little crazy but insanely good. 85% VG / 15% PG



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