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Senses by Six Licks Peach Perfect - 100ml

From £22.99

PEACH & GRAPEFRUIT The clue is in the name, this peach and grapefruit creation reveals a relishing twist that revels on your lips. It’s Peach Perfect! 100ml in a 120ml bottle

Senses by Six Licks Grappleberry - 100ml

From £22.99

GRAPE & BLACKCURRANT Get to grips with the ultimate berry takeover as you’re presented with the sensation of succulently delicious grapes and berries that take hold of your tongue. 100ml in a 120ml bottle

Senses by Six Licks Rhubellion - 100ml

From £22.99

RHUBARB & APPLE Rise up and rebel against the norm with this flavour revelation. Juicy apples go hand in hand with tart rhubarb for an assault on your taste buds. 100ml in a 120ml bottle



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