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Sweet Jesus Juice The Son 30ml


“Let there be Melon” and there was Melon. “Let there be Milk” and there was Milk.  “Let there be Candy” and there was Candy. And with that ‘Sweet Jesus Juice’ was brought into being! God saw all that he had made and it was good, in fact it was pretty freakin’ amazing so he decided to bottle it, Trade Mark it, and sell it. After all this God thought to...

Sweet Jesus Juice The Father


It was on a Starry, yet Cloud filled night, that 3 Wise Vaping Kings travelled by skateboard to discover the birth of something beautiful. Bearing gifts of Bubblegum, Watermelon and Jelly, they searched far and wide for some Sweet Jesus Juice after trustworthy online Angels had reviewed it as five gold stars! "The flavour so intense and a hit so clean your plumes will reach the high heavens" the...

Sweet Jesus Juice The Father 30ml


Oh Holy Ghost, you are the third liquid of the blessed Sweet Jesus Juice Trinity. Your are the spirit of Vanilla, Mint & Cream proceeding from the epic creations "The Father" and "The Son" and equal to those industry leading liquids in all things. I adore you and I love you with all my tank's capacity...Fill my mouth with a cool fresh mint draw imminently followed by a sweet...



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