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Bubble Gang - OG Bubba 100ml

From £19.99

If you’re a bubblegum eJuice enthusiast looking for your next favourite bubble gum flavour, look no further! Okami's Bubble Gang’s OG Bubba blows a cloud of pure watermelon bubble gum tastes in every hit. The inhale starts with a sweet watermelon delivery. The bubble gum taste is more prominent as the watermelon keeps things low-key during the exhale. FLAVOUR PROFILE: Watermelon infused bubble gum. VG/PG RATIO: 70/30 

Bubble Gang - Sour Menace 100ml

From £19.99

The sour notes found in this Okami's Bubble Gang eJuice aren't as menacing as the name implies. The sour taste comes from the ripe granny smith apple flavour that’s most prominent on the inhale. The sugary taste of the bubble gum smoothes over the tart granny smith apple during the sweeter, fruity finish.  FLAVOUR PROFILE: Sour Apple infused bubble gum.. VG/PG RATIO: 70/30 

Bubble Gang - Grape Ape 100ml

From £19.99

Okami Bubble Gang series Grape Ape folds vivid notes of grape flavour into a chewy piece of sweet bubblegum. The inhale starts with a subtly tart taste of the grape with supporting notes of bubblegum. The exhale envelops the grape in a sheet of bubble gum flavour for a sweet and mouthwatering finish. FLAVOUR PROFILE: Grape infused bubble gum. VG/PG RATIO: 70/30 



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