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Vampire Vape Nic Salt Pinkman

From £3.99

Introducing our Nic Salts range featuring our renowned Pinkman flavour. Pinkman is one flavour that has become a firm favourite for many vapers. The combination of fruit flavours makes for a divine vape that is ultimately enhanced by the powerful nicotine hit found in the Nic Salts. This mouth-watering explosion of fruit is a sensational vape that'll you'll never want to put down! 50PG 50VG 10mg & 20mg

Vampire Vape Nic Salt Heisenberg

From £3.99

The master of vapes is back and now in a Nic Salts 10ml bottle. Our new Nic Salts feature the award-winning flavour, Heisenberg, the menthol, fruit blend that has rocked the vaping industry. The ice-cold e-liquid is beautifully enhanced by the subtle fruit undertone that refreshes the palate. Now infused in the Nic Salts which have been developed to give a long-lasting nicotine hit. 50PG 50VG 10mg & 20mg...



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