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The Custard Shoppe - Raspberry 100ml

From £17.99

The Custard Shoppe offers a heavenly, custard blend of eJuice laced with tasty raspberries. The inhale starts with a subtle tart taste of the raspberries that’s sweeter than it is tart. The exhale envelops the fruity taste with a more prominent flavour of custardy goodness during the finish. FLAVOUR PROFILE: Raspberry custard pie. VG/PG RATIO: 75/25  

The Custard Shoppe - Butterscotch 100ml

From £17.99

What’s up, buttercup? Butterscotch of course! The Custard Shoppe keeps their doors open so everyone can try the divine taste of Butterscotch! The inhale is lined with notes of butterscotch beneath the custard delivery. The exhale pronounces the butterscotch taste during the creamy custard finish. FLAVOUR PROFILE: Butterscotch custard pie. VG/PG RATIO: 75/25


From £17.99

The Custard Shoppe’s Blackberry offers a tasty flavour that’s straight out of the oven! This eJuice folds in just the right amount of blackberries into a mix of vanilla custard. The inhale is tart in its blackberry delivery during the light custard start. The custard accentuates itself and wraps around the blackberry clouds during the creamy finish. FLAVOUR PROFILE: Blackberry custard pie. VG/PG RATIO: 75/25



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