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Frunk Salts - Nic Salts


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    Frunk is a brand of the best in disposable vape pods that deliver the ultimate smoking experience and now they bring you the Nic Salts which are available in 10 & 20mg. They come in a range of tasty flavours such as Raspberry Shades,Candied Apple and Tropical Bonanz. They give you a vaping level of satisfaction that other brands can’t even compare with.



    • 50/50 VG/PG
    • Available in 10mg & 20mg
    • 10ml
    • Childproof and Tamper evident cap
    • Recyclable Bottle and Box
    • You must be over 18 to purchase on the site



    All our products are fully TPD compliant.

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    Apple Grapple -

    Grape and apple candy, sweet and tangy, is now available in Salt Nicotine!

    Banana Man –

    The base flavour of the E-Liquid is creamy and thick, with a smooth and sweet banana flavour on top. Rich but light, giving you that delightful taste you are dying for! This e-juice is the standard for all banana flavours on the market.

    Berry Grooves –

    Berry Grooves is a delectable combination of mixed berries. Blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant all work together in harmony to provide a delightful delicious flavour.

    Blackcurrant Apocalypse –

    A pleasant nicotine dose is combined with a sweet blackcurrant flavour. The flavour is stronger than ever, making it ideal for all-day vaping.

    Blue Razzle – 

    Blue Razzle is an exotic blue raspberry combination with a delightful cool aftertaste.

    Candied Apple –

    Our real apple flavour is known for being sweet and crisp, making it ideal for all-day vaping.

    Cookie Monster –

    Monstrous cookie cream blend with a caramel and chocolate animal waiting to get out!

    Crushed Candy –

    Crushed Candy is a mild, easy-on-the-throat vape that’s perfect for dessert fans.

    Double Bubble –

    Double Bubble provides an extra juicy bubble gum flavor for a long-lasting sweet flavorful smoke. You’ll feel as if you’ve just popped a luscious bubble gum in your mouth with each puff.

    Fresh Mango –

    A tropical fruit blend with sour overtones, Salt’s Mango Passion nicotine salt e-liquid is a tropical fruit blend with tart notes.

    Frunking Berg –

    As though you’re eating a blue ice pop or a blue slushie, the Berg provides a startling surge of blue raspberry flavours.

    Lemon Zing –

    Lemon ZING salt nicotine e-liquid is similar to the popular lemon drizzle but with a stronger lemon flavour.

    Pineapple Express –

    With every inhale, enjoy a delectable flavour that tastes like freshly cut pineapple.

    Raspberry Shades –

    A delectable combination of raspberries leads to a revitalizing vape.

    Strawberry Bubbling –

    A fresh strawberry flavour has the perfect blend of sweet and tangy that is fantastic on its own, but can also be used to generate a well-balanced vape juice flavour.

    Tropical Bonanz –

    Tropical Bonanz salt nicotine is a combination of exotic fruits with distinct flavours and a chilly bite at the end.




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